Hong Kong leader Lam visits Beijing as pressure mounts at home

By Clare Jim and Felix Tam | Reuters

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam news briefing after local elections

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam visited Beijing on Saturday for her first trip to the Chinese capital since her government was handed a crushing defeat in local elections last month, prompting speculation about changes to her leadership team.… Continues

Kamala Harris flames out: Black people didn’t trust her, and they were wise not to

Younger blacks and black progressives took a deeper, dispassionate dive into Kamala Harris’ real-world record. They didn’t like what they found

By Ricky L. Jones, Opinion contributor | USA Today

What happened to Kamala Harris? The once-celebrated presidential candidate recently called it quits, and mainstream pundits struggled to explain why.… Continues

Zola says Hallmark Channel pulled its lesbian kiss commercial following One Million Moms boycott

By Kerry Justich | Yahoo Lifestyle

A Christian-right organization is calling for a Hallmark Channel boycott after the network aired a commercial featuring a lesbian kiss. (Photo: Zola)

UPDATE 12/13/19: Zola tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the Hallmark Channel pulled the wedding website’s commercial — which featured a same-sex couple — as of Friday afternoon.… Continues

A college student has amassed 900,000 TikTok followers in 4 months and treats it like a part-time job

By Amanda Perelli | Business Insider

Salina, who goes by “Salinakilla” on TikTok, has 900,000 followers. 
  • The 22-year-old college student Salina, known as “Salinakilla” online, began uploading videos to TikTok over the summer and now has 900,000 followers. She expects to hit 1 million soon.

Dynamic Duo: How F-35 and F/A-18 Fighters Will Win America’s Next War

Let’s take a look.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: These two planes are excellent and have skills that complement each other.

In June, the U.S. Navy released a budget allocating $264.9 million towards upgrading its roughly six hundred FA-18E and F Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler fighters to the new Block III standard, which includes some of the enhancements proposed for the Advanced Super Hornet.… Continues

How do you rate teddy atlas as a trainer/coach?

Not as highly as I rate him as a street fighter and an OG.

Here he is responding to disparaging comments made about him recently by notorious former underboss of the Gambino family Sammy Gravano. Most observes felt Teddy would just let them slide because ”Sammy the Bull” is not the kind of person anyone in the right mind wants beef with.… Continues

One NATO Ally Might Regret Buying Expensive F-35 Stealth Fighters

Denmark had a small air force. And then they bought the F-35.

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

The U.S. ambassador to Denmark wants the Nordic country to buy more American-designed F-35 stealth fighters.

Ambassador Carla Sands’s advocacy for a “made-in-America” warplane should come as no surprise.… Continues