62 Vintage Photos In History – Sherry Jackson as Andrea the android in episode 7 of “Star Trek”, 1966.

Gosh, Sherry Jackson sure looks nice in her colorful and revealing futuristic space garb, doesn’t she? Don’t get too excited, Charlie — she’s an android named Andrea, and this shot is from episode 7 of Star Trek (aired October 20, 1966), “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” In the episode, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) wrestles with a question that is still on our minds 50 years later: Is it OK to make out with a sexy robot? In classic Kirk fashion, he wrestles with the question quite physically, using his arms, hands and lips in an embrace that leaves Andrea confused. That’s the magic of Captain Kirk — the guy is so good that even a lady robot will fall for his charms.

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