Big Deal: China Has Finally Figured out How to Build Powerful Jet Engines

A big boost to the PLAAF.

by Eugene K. Chow | The National Interest

Key point: Beijing is making great strides in securing a domestically-produced world-class air force.

Chinese engineering has become so advanced that German jet engines could soon get a major boost from China.… Continues

F-15X: A Few Billions Dollars Down the Drain (Why Not More F-35s Instead?)

Stealth really matters against modern air defenses.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: America needs more planes in the air, and there aren’t enough F-35s and F-22s available.

On December 21, Bloomberg Government reported that the Pentagon was planning to set aside $1.2 billion in the 2020 defense budget to procure twelve new F-15X fighters, a heavily upgraded model of the twin-engine jet first introduced into U.S.… Continues

62 Vintage Photos In History – Sherry Jackson as Andrea the android in episode 7 of “Star Trek”, 1966.

Gosh, Sherry Jackson sure looks nice in her colorful and revealing futuristic space garb, doesn’t she? Don’t get too excited, Charlie — she’s an android named Andrea, and this shot is from episode 7 of Star Trek (aired October 20, 1966), “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”… Continues

When This Soviet Submarine Sank, The CIA Was There To Pick Up The Pieces (And An Intelligence Victory)

A true test for America’s impressive submarine detection technology.

by Jeff Schogol | The National Interest

Key point: While the idea of finding a missing submarine in the Pacific Ocean, even when they had a general idea of where to search, proved so daunting to the Soviets that they’d ultimately given up looking, Bradley was fairly optimistic.Continues