A Batman image offended China. Its removal has angered fans worldwide

By Ephrat Livni | QUARTZ

A reference to Hong Kong’s protests? Depends on the viewer.

DC Comics needs a superhero to save it from itself. The pop-culture giant is in political hot water over a drawing that’s been linked in mainland China to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests and is now at the center of a global debate about state censorship and corporate complicity in chilling free speech.… Continues

Italy’s ‘Miss Hitler’ Among 19 Investigated for Starting New Nazi Party in Italy

A 36-year-old winner of an online Nazi pageant and a 50-year-old mother were among the masterminds of a far-right political party that wanted to return Italy to its darkest past.

By Barbie Latza Nadeau, Correspondent-At-Large | The Daily Beast

ROME–The tattoo of a Nazi eagle above a swastika that spans the back of Francesca Rizzi leaves no doubt about her political ideology.… Continues

The Mercedes-AMG SL 63 Is Dead

The most potent version of Mercedes’s most iconic roadster has been discontinued.


The SL-Class convertible is one of Mercedes-Benz’s most iconic models. It’s been around for 65 years, through thick and thin. Despite that, the company recently confirmed to CarBuzz that it’s dropped the model’s most potent trim, the AMG SL 63, from its lineup for 2020.… Continues

US Arrests Ethereum Developer for Training North Koreans to Evade Sanctions

By Brady Dale | Coindesk

(This article first appeared on November 29, 2019)

Ethereum Foundation staffer Virgil Griffith has been arrested for allegedly going to a conference in North Korea and sharing his expertise in using cryptocurrency.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York announced Friday that Griffith was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on Thanksgiving Day.… Continues