‘Waiting on the haters to apologize’: AOC does victory lap as ‘Amazon is coming to NYC anyway’ without tax breaks

By Dara Brewton | Front Page Live

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is doing a victory lap on Twitter and ‘waiting on the haters to apologize’.

Why? Retail giant Amazon just announced plans to open a corporate office in NYC—without any tax incentives from the state.… Continues

2020 BMW M340i Is a Rocket of an Everyday 3-Series

With its 382-hp twin-turbo inline-six, BMW’s semi-spicy compact sedan lives life on fast forward.

By Jared Gall | Car and Driver

A weird sort of identity crisis has been afflicting the big three German luxury manufacturers. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have been busy blending elements of each others identity into their own, and the latest example is BMW purloining “absurd horsepower” from Mercedes-AMG’s personality profile.… Continues

Our place in the universe will change dramatically in the next 50 years – here’s how

By Robin Smith, Lecturer in Physics, Sheffield Hallam University | The Conversation

Is there anybody out there? Greg Rakozy/UnsplashCC BY-SA

In 1900, so the story goes, prominent physicist Lord Kelvin addressed the British Association for the Advancement of Science with these words: “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now.”… Continues

Meet the M3 Medium Tank: It Had Two Main Guns and Was the “Coffin for Seven Brothers”

Was this weird-looking tank among the worst ever?

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

The M3 medium tank, largely overshadowed by its successor the M4 Sherman, has a few stylish distinctions to it: It had two names, after American civil war generals who were archfoes. … Continues

NATO is finally talking about China, and there are 3 big problems it has to address

By Christopher Woody | Business Insider

Leaders of the NATO alliance countries, and its secretary general, with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in London, December 3, 2019. 
Associated Press
  • NATO leaders gathered in London this week for a summit marking the alliance’s 70th anniversary.

Chinese security forces in joint anti-terror drill in Serbia

By IVANA BZGANOVIC | Associated Press

Serbia China
Chinese security forces performs during a joint anti-terrorist drill in the Zelezara Smederevo steel mill, in the city of Smederevo, 45 kilometers east of Belgrade, Serbia, Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019. Serbian and Chinese security forces are holding a joint anti-terrorist drills in the Balkan country in a sign of Beijing’s increasing influence in the volatile region.

‘I went from chilled out Hong Kong student to battle-hardened protester contemplating suicide’

By Anonymous author | The Telegraph

Another anonymous protester (not the author) speaks to the media at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus in the Hung Hom district of Hong Kong – AFP

A year ago, I was just a normal, chilled out student, focused on my university grades and hoping for a lucrative career ahead.… Continues