Death Match: What if America’s F-15 Battled Russia’s Su-35?

Let us take you through this hypothetical.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key Point: When every point is weighed, the Su-35 comes out on top.

I have been asked to compare the venerable American F-15 Eagle fighter to Russia’s new competitor for the crown of best Fourth Generation fighter, the Su-35S “Flanker E.”… Continues

How the F-35B Stealth Fighter Will Transform the Navy’s Aircraft Carriers

A massive boon to the Pentagon.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: The F-35B will turn even small ships with a flattop into carriers.

Naval aviation has from the beginning been a challenging and expensive endeavor. Until recently, fewer and fewer countries found they had the resources to operate even a single aircraft carrier capable of operating fixed-wing aircraft.… Continues

World’s best sushi restaurant dropped from Michelin Guide after refusing to serve public

By Rozina Sabur | The Telegraph

The world’s best sushi restaurant seats just ten people and is famously housed in a Tokyo metro station. 

But despite its cult following, the famously exclusive restaurant has lost its listing in the Michelin Guide, not because the quality of the food has dropped, but because it is no longer open to the general public. … Continues

Red Sonja Scars Of The She Devil 1/6 Scale Figure by Phicen


Red Sonja Scars Of The She Devil 1/6 Scale Figure by Phicen:

Red Sonja – outlaw, mercenary, warrior and queen. After escaping her bloody origin, she hunted the wilderlands of Hyrkania, theived the streets and palaces of Pah-Disha, sold her sword on battlefields from Koth to Aquilonia, and liberated countless mugs of ale from barrels throughout the Hyborean world.… Continues