Black Sunday Gothic Witch Model Kit Barbera Steele


Black Sunday Gothic Witch Model Kit Barbra Steele:

This 10 inch figure is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest visual horror films ever made! She comes complete with two heads, one as the actress and one as a possessed witch. A torture mask is also included. Cast in solid pressure cast resin parts for minimal prep work requires assembly and panting skills level 1. 

Additional photos are of the model kit and optional Gothic Base (Part #04MM04 sold separately) and the optional Coffin (Part #04MM08 sold separately).

Painted by renowned artist  DAVID FISHER from Amazing Figure Magazine!

NOTE TO PURCHASER: This is a Resin Model Kit and requires model building and painting skills. Many parts may require prep, sanding, fitting and some scratch building. Some models do not come with printed box or instructions and are intended for experienced modelers.


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  • Catalog#: 051MM03
  • Theme(s): Hammer Films

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