The North Korean Threat Is Evolving: Here Come Pyongyang’s Nuclear-Armed Submarines

America is vulnerable.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: Only diplomacy can solve this crisis.

In the summer of 2018 a flurry of reports confirmed that North Korea has continued construction of a second ballistic-missile submarine, designated the Sinpo-C by intelligence analysts after the shipyard in eastern North Korea.… Read the full article.

Russia’s Northern Fleet Is Getting New Deadly Submarines To Support Its Arctic Mission

The Arctic may soon look increasingly Russian.

by Mark Episkopos | The National Interest

Key point: The Arctic is the next theater for Russian-NATO competition.

From the Petr Velikiy battlecruiser to the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, Russia’s Northern Fleet is home to some of the newest, most advanced Russian surface ships.… Read the full article.

Lost In Space season 2: everything you need to know

By Morgan Jeffery, Abby Robinson, Cameron K McEwan | Digital Spy

From Digital Spy

Note: Contains major spoilers for Lost in Space.

The Netflix reimagining of ’60s classic Lost In Space was unleashed on the world back in April 2018. (Read our spoiler-free review of season one here.)

And the good news is that the adventures of the Robinsons are set to continue past the first ten-episode season, which isn’t the gritty reboot some were fearing.… Read the full article.

China’s Investments In Special Forces Are Paying Off In Deadly Ways

Special operations soldiers are a force multiplier.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: As America relies more heavily on special forces, it is likely China will too.

Some special force units get all the attention. America’s Delta Force, Russia’s Spetnatz and Britain’s SAS have glamorous reputations.… Read the full article.

Bride of Frankenstein Bride Unleashed 1/4 Scale Resin Model Kit by Zombee


Bride of Frankenstein Bride Unleashed 1/4 Scale Resin Model Kit by Zombee:
Here is a fantastic huge 1/4 scale resin model kit of the Bride of Frankenstein. She is made of expertly cast resin parts for easy build and paint and she comes with 2 separate heads (One with real hair and one with sculpted resin hair)

Limited Edition ZomBee Toy Company 2017 Summer Wonder Festival Japan Event Limited

Material: Resin Cast Note: This resin cast model comes with 2 optional head(resin sculpted hair head & ball head with artificial hair ) 

Country: Made In Japan 

Scale: 1:4 Measure 40cm (16 inch)

NOTE TO PURCHASER: This is a Resin Model Kit and requires model building and painting skills.Read the full article.