Charlize Theron Receives Harsh Criticism at American Cinematheque Awards

By nnnhunter | TheBlast

‘Bombshell’ star Charlize Theron was chosen to be honored at the American Cinematheque Awards. However, the star received insults instead of praise during the ceremonies in Golden Globe fashion. And her response was, “I’m really overwhelmed with gratitude for this whole evening.” While this may seem like an unlikely response, Charlize Theron actually requested the critiques. Theron prefers being roasted over receiving compliments so the evening couldn’t have gone better in her opinion. The night kicked off with a roast from one of the kings of comedy, Seth McFarlane. He told a story from their experience filming ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West.’

McFarlane shared that he received a bruise from a B-12 shot that lasted throughout filming. He explained that Theron reveled in glee from punching his bruise, “This happened many dozens of times. I would let out a yelp to which she would respond, ‘Suck it up, princess!'” McFarlane finished up the roast with a solid punchline: “So, while to many men Charlize will always be the fantasy woman of their dreams, to me she is the abusive, alcoholic father I never had.” Next up to roast was her co-star in ‘Long Shot,’ Seth Rogen.

He didn’t have much roast material admitting, “Charlize is honestly very difficult to make fun of. She has not done that much weird (stuff) personally. She dated Sean Penn, can you make fun of that? I don’t know. It’s funny to me. He seems like he cannot take a joke though, so — I should steer clear of that one. All I need is to get added to the long list of (people) Sean Penn has punched in the face.” Kristen Stewart stepped up to the plate next who starred in “Snow White and the Huntsman” with Theron. She wryly remarked, “You’re looking really good tonight. Dude, I’m j’adoring it,” riffing off Theron being the face of Dior.

However, Stewart couldn’t keep on with the roast for long. She complimented Theron, “This sounds gay as hell — and by gay, I mean incredibly cool — she made me believe in actual magic when I worked with her on, like a silly Snow White movie.” When Theron stepped up to accept her award, she explained, “This is not something I’m necessarily comfortable with…Listening to people saying nice things about you – don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome, but it doesn’t always feel right. … because I know the truth. I know that so much of what’s gotten me to this stage is luck and the kindness of others.”

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