Just watched Beterbiev’s recent interview

Some interesting outtakes:

1. Fighting Kovalev is his top priority.
2. Although he wants to fight Kovalev, he gonna be rooting for Canelo, cuz he likes his style and skilled fighters overall. When they asked him about outcome of the fight, he said he never makes predictions.
3. There is some bad blood between them. Both think they won their amateur fight in Turkey and Kovalev in some old interview said that he landed so many shots that Beterbievs backhead were hitting his ass, ahaha. Beterbiev is soft-spoken, but i am from North Caucasus too and i know temper of guys like Beterbiev, they gonna punish you even for a tiny disrespect. That gonna make their fight defo interesting.
4. Said that Kovalev’s nickname in his home town was “Noodles” and laughed. I personally know only one men with nickname noodles, its a character from movie “once upon a time in America”.
4. He fought Usyk and wasnt really impressed, said he is good at running with high guard, haha. Cruiserweight is a weak division and he gonna aknowledge Usyk only when he does something in heavy weight.

Overall it was a pretty weak interview cuz of two journalists, who were seemingly intimidated by AB and were scared to ask some good questions. Russian boxing community already called those 2 interviewers ***gots.

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