The first-look teaser trailer for Sherlock creators’ Dracula has arrived

By Daisy Phillipson | Digital Spy

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Listen up, horror buffs – the trailer and first-look images for BBC One’s Dracula TV series have arrived. Just in time for Halloween.

Looking every bit the blood-soaked bonanza we expected it to be, in well under a minute the clip presents us with colonies of bats swooping across the screen, fingernails being ripped off, nuns with stakes at the ready and plenty more harrowing happenings.

We’re also introduced to the show’s iteration of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, played by The Square’s Claes Bang, who gives us the only speech in the trailer. “Try and stay calm, you’re doing very well,” he says to a terrified young man. *shivers*

Although there’s still no news of a release date, the teaser does tell us that the series is coming “very soon”. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in the weeks to come.

The chilling snapshots of the show – from Sherlock creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss – present us with three scenes: The Crown’s John Heffernan as Jonathan Harker, actresses Dolly Wells and Joanna Scanlan as Sister Agatha and Mother Superior respectively, and Bang’s Dracula.

Other cast members include Morfydd Clark, Sacha Dhawan, Jonathan Aris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Lyndsey Marshal, Chanel Cresswell, Matthew Beard and Lydia West.

Filming for the show kicked off earlier this year at Orava Castle in Slovakia, before moving to England where it wrapped up in August.

Moffat and Gatiss are bringing the infamous Count to the small screen via three feature-length episodes, taking influence from classical iterations of the horror icon while adding their own modern spins.

Discussing how the character will be “the hero of his own story” in their adaptation, the latter of the duo previously told Radio Times: “There’s lots of things that are challenging about Dracula.

“Having an evil lead character is actually really difficult. That’s been the main challenge I think. But how we’ve handled, that you’ll have to wait and see.”

Gatiss added: “It’s been very exciting though. Because we sort of made a promise to ourselves and the people who are making it, paying for it, that we’d make Dracula the hero of his own story, and less of a shadowy presence.”

Dracula will air on BBC One in the UK and on Netflix outside of the UK and Ireland.

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