The Pentagon Is Giving Up on Particle Beam Weapons

The Department of Defense doesn’t think they could be weaponized soon enough.

By Kyle Mizokami | Popular Mechanics

  • The DoD, which showed interest in neutral particle beams earlier this year, now thinks they’re too hard to field anytime soon.
  • Particle beams work by using atomic and subatomic particles to “melt” their target.

A U.S. Navy Amphibious Assault Ship Just Set Sail with a Whopping 13 Stealth Fighters

The U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship USS America in 2019 has set sail across the Pacific region with no fewer than 13 U.S. Marine Corps F-35B stealth fighters aboard.

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

The U.S.… Continues

Milt Jackson and Big Brass – For someone I love

Enjoy Milt Jackson:

Recorded: New York, August 05, 1963


Milt Jackson – Vibes

Clark Terry – Trumpet

Dave Burns – Trumpet

Snooky Young – Trumpet

Bill Berry – Trumpet

Elmon Wright – Trumpet

Quentin Jackson – Trombone

James Cleveland – Trombone

Tom McIntosh – Trombone

Julius Watkins – French Horn

Willie Ruff – French Horn

Ray Alonge – French Horn

Paul Ingraham – French Horn

Jimmy Jones – Piano

Richard Davis – Bass

Connie Kay – Drums … Continues

China’s Nightmare: Why Is Taiwan Building Kamikaze Drones?

A good or bad idea?

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key Point: Taipei is trying out new technologies in the hope that they can deter and defend and against Beijing.

A new suicide drone appeared at the August 2019 edition of the biennial Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition in the island country’s capital.… Continues

Deadly protests in Guinea as Russia calls for change of rules to keep despot in power

By Adrian Blomfield, Africa correspondent | The Telegraph

Protesters burn tyres as they demonstrate in Conakry CREDIT: AFP

When police shot dead nine pro-democracy protesters in Guinea this week, Western embassies quietly shared their misgivings with the country’s president, Alpha Conde.… Continues