The Russian Navy is Building New (Heavily Armed) Nuclear-Powered Submarines

How should NATO respond? Would the same old Cold War tactics work? 

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

The Russian navy is building new nuclear-powered submarines and deploying them more aggressively, seemingly reviving a Cold War approach to naval warfare.… read the full article

Dad 3D-printed a Lamborghini because his son liked one in Forza

And yes, it’s drivable, with an LS1 V8 from a Corvette


Sterling Backus’s son only had one question after he drove a Lamborghini Aventador in the XBOX video game Forza: Can we build one? Most dads would respond with a chuckle and some quip about winning the lottery.… read the full article

When India’s Aircraft Carrier Caught Fire, China Thought It Knew Why

Terse words between rivals.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: Accidents happen to all militaries seeking to operate new equipment.

India’s only aircraft carrier suffered a fire that left one sailor dead.

And China, which is India’s rival, says this is because Indians aren’t competent enough to operate advanced military equipment.… read the full article