China is filling a ‘strategic vacuum’ in the Pacific left by the US and its allies, and that’s bad news for Taiwan

By Christopher Woody | Business Insider

US Navy China sailors

REUTERS/Xihao Jiang

  • Taiwan, which China considers to be a renegade territory, lost two of its few remaining allies in late September.
  • China has sought to win over Taiwan’s allies, but those countries have their own reasons to embrace Beijing.

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Infrastructure Under Attack. What’s Next?

If a single armada of drones can make its way across the Saudi airspace undetected and successfully hit targets with surgical precision and maximum damage, then one must conclude the country’s vulnerability quota is quite high.

by Nicola De BlasioHenry Lee | The National Interest

When more than twenty drones and cruise missiles attacked Saudi Arabia’s energy infrastructure recently, they took down approximately half of the kingdom’s oil production.… Continues

One fix for China’s alarming pork shortage: giant pigs

By Gwynn Guilford | QUARTZ

Breeders are cashing in on China’s pork shortage.

A deadly virus has wiped out as much as half of China’s pig population. That’s a big problem for a country whose default meat is pork. As prices soar, the government is trying to induce farmers to raise more swine.… Continues