Big Railguns: The U.S. Navy’s Plan to Blow Away China and Russia in a War?

Innovations change war.

by Jared Keller | The National Interest

Key point: Needs more testing before it becomes operational.

The Navy’s electromagnetic railgun is undergoing what officials described as “essentially a shakedown” of critical systems before finally installing a tactical demonstrator aboard a surface warship, the latest sign that the once-beleaguered supergun may actually end up seeing combat.… Read more

How a 60-year-old BBC radio show may be one of the only things keeping the world from nuclear war

By Sinéad Baker | Business Insider

HMS Vengeance, which carries nuclear missiles, travels to Devonport, Scotland for an upgrade in 2012. 
Andrew Linnett/MoD Crown Copyright via Getty Images
  • The UK’s nuclear arsenal is housed on four submarines, with one of those submarines on patrol at all times.
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China unveils 500 megapixel camera with AI capable of picking a single face out of a crowd of tens of thousands – sparking fears of more civil liberties crackdown


  • New  artificial intelligence camera with 500 megapixels unveiled by scientists
  • Chinese researchers developed the ‘super camera’ able to identify a single face
  • Camera can pick out one face in crowded street or stadium of tens of thousands
  • It raised fears facial recognition technology could further breach civil liberties

Chinese scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence, 500 megapixel, camera that can identify one face out of a crowd of tens of thousands of people.… Read more