How South Korea Could Soon Have F-35B-Armed Aircraft Carriers

Good for Seoul, bad for Pyongyang.

by Zachary Keck | The National Interest

Key point: Seoul has two helicopter carriers that would be perfect for the F-35B jump jet.

South Korea has launched its second amphibious assault ship.

On May 14, South Korean officials launched the second Dokdo-class helicopter carrier.… read the full article

This Russian Missile Submarine Split In Two and Sits 18,000 Feet Below the Waves

How leaders deal with tragedy can be very telling.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: The Soviet Union was more worried about international appearances than the lives of its citizens.

If you’re a sailor on a Russian submarine that sinks in the middle of the ocean, don’t expect much sympathy from the Kremlin.… read the full article

Running a Subaru WRX STI up the world’s oldest hill climb

In which I partake in a friendly bit of competition before a weekend at the 2019 Goodwood Revival.


The Shelsley Walsh course is narrow, and there’s absolutely no runoff.Michael Shaffer/Subaru

Nestled in charmingly lush English countryside, you’ll find the world’s oldest continuously running hill climb course.… read the full article