The U.S. Army’s Next Generation of Super Weapons Are Coming

And Iran, North Korea, Russia and China should be very afraid. 

by Kris Osborn | The National Interest

(Washington, D.C.) Streamlining multiple targeting sensors to destroy long-range targets, arming forward- positioned robots to penetrate enemy defenses and receiving organized weather-specific terrain mapping from nearby drones – are all emerging combat dynamics increasingly made possible by AI-enabled weapons and technologies.… Continues

Your History Book Forgot This War: In 1979, China Was Beaten Badly by Vietnam

“The PLA’s performance in the 1979 war was so bad, even Vietnamese commanders were surprised, according to some sources.” 

by Charlie Gao | The National Interest

Key Point: When the Sino-Vietnamese war ended on March 16, 1979, it was hardly a definite resolution of the conflict.… Continues

America’s M1 Abrams Tank vs. Israel’s Merkava: Who Wins?

Ultimately, the Merkava IV and M1A2 are both designed according to different national doctrines and operational requirements.  

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

The Israeli Merkava (Chariot) main battle tank is an example of a sophisticated weapon system designed to deal with very specific national requirements.… Continues

Locked and Loaded: Could Iran Sink the U.S. Navy If War Breaks Out?

Tehran has lots of missiles. Could they start sinking warships? 

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key Point: Given the volume of valuable commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf, Tehran is investing in improving its ASBMs—and publicizing that effort to the world—as a means to build conventional military deterrence in a context of rising tensions with Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States.… Continues

The Aircraft Carrier Isn’t Obsolete Just Yet

Skeptics are missing the big policy point: America’s aircraft carriers are no longer intended for use in naval warfare. They’re designed to give the President the power to take control of a substantial chunk of the surface of the Earth and put it to use in the national interest of the United States.


Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment waiting game paid off. Americans will turn on Donald Trump.

By Paul Brandus, Opinion contributor | USA TODAY Opinion

Republicans accuse House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of making a “rush to judgment” with her announcement Tuesday that she is pulling the trigger on an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. Sure: She waited nearly a year from the midterm elections. … Continues