America’s F-15 Eagle vs. Russia’s Su-35 Fighter: Who Wins?

The eagle vs. the bear…in the sky.

by Dave Majumdar | The National Interest

The Boeing F-15C Eagle has been in service with the U.S. Air Force for nearly 40 years and will likely serve for decades to come. Over the years, the mighty F-15 has been upgraded to keep pace with evolving threats, but does the venerable Eagle still have what it takes to dominate the skies?… Continues

Yes, the Navy Should Build Non-Nuclear Stealth Submarines

They are cheaper and just as deadly.

by Robert Farley Follow drfarls on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key point: Air-Independent Propulsion is a reliable system, but America hasn’t built a diseal submarine since 1959. This is a mistake.

Over the past decade, air-independent propulsion (AIP) for submarines has spread rapidly around the world.… Continues

Why America’s Skipjack-Class Nuclear Submarines Were Too Successful

And Russia and China took notice.

by Kyle Mizokami | The National Interest

Key point: The Skipjack-class was so successful that it became the basis for future submarine innovations.

The Skipjack-class submarines were arguably the first truly modern postwar submarines of the U.S.… Continues