America’s F-15 Eagle vs. Russia’s Su-35 Fighter: Who Wins?

The eagle vs. the bear…in the sky.

by Dave Majumdar | The National Interest

The Boeing F-15C Eagle has been in service with the U.S. Air Force for nearly 40 years and will likely serve for decades to come. Over the years, the mighty F-15 has been upgraded to keep pace with evolving threats, but does the venerable Eagle still have what it takes to dominate the skies?… Read more

Yes, the Navy Should Build Non-Nuclear Stealth Submarines

They are cheaper and just as deadly.

by Robert Farley Follow drfarls on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key point: Air-Independent Propulsion is a reliable system, but America hasn’t built a diseal submarine since 1959. This is a mistake.

Over the past decade, air-independent propulsion (AIP) for submarines has spread rapidly around the world.… Read more

Why America’s Skipjack-Class Nuclear Submarines Were Too Successful

And Russia and China took notice.

by Kyle Mizokami | The National Interest

Key point: The Skipjack-class was so successful that it became the basis for future submarine innovations.

The Skipjack-class submarines were arguably the first truly modern postwar submarines of the U.S.… Read more