How the U.S. Navy Always Learns From Its (Deadly) Mistakes

It just takes some time.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: A high operational tempo is putting stress on the U.S. Navy.

A series of collisions involving U.S. Navy destroyers in 2016 and 2017—including two incidents this summer that left sixteen sailors dead—have raised questions as to why the maritime fighting branch appears to be suffering the same accident again and again.… Continues

Is Another Nation Going to Buy the S-400 from Russia?

Is Serbia next?

by Charlie Gao | The National Interest

In September 2019, Russia and Serbia held their first joint air-defense exercise, Slavic Shield. In this exercise, Serbian air-defense troops learned how to use the S-400 air defense system, practicing its employment against a variety of targets, both simulated and real.… Continues

How one millennial managed to save almost $1 million in 10 years without ever earning a salary of more than $75,000

Hint: Living rent-free to start out has a little something to do with it


Roth IRA or traditional IRA?

This millennial claims he was FIRE before FIRE became popular.

FIRE refers to the “financial independence, retire early” movement bubbling up in the younger generation these days as a pathway out of the grind — slash expenses, save a bundle and enjoy the freedom that approach ultimately allows.… Continues

Is the Philippines Becoming Russia’s Newest Ally?

What happens to the U.S. alliance?

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Why is the Philippines suddenly interested in buying Russian aircraft?

Not warplanes, but civilian planes for commercial purposes. Yet it suggests that Manila is eyeing a closer relationship with Moscow.… Continues

China Has New Aircraft Carriers, But Are They Too Small?

Sometimes size does matter.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: China and America have different national security needs.

Is China’s newest aircraft carrier half-full or half-empty?

That depends on how you look at the vessel’s aircraft capacity.

The ship, prosaically named the Type 001A for now, is China’s second carrier and the first built in China.… Continues