Everyone Thinks Melania Trump’s 9/11 Coat Showed Plane Flying Into Tower

By Gary Trock | TheBlast


Everyone Thinks Melania Trump’s 9/11 Coat Showed Plane Flying Into Tower

Melania Trump has sparked a huge online controversy after many believed the trim in a dress she wore during a 9/11 memorial appeared to show a plane flying into a tower.

Melania joined President Donald Trump Wednesday during a tribute photo to September 11, and was seen standing at an overlook while wearing a long dark coat trimmed in white thread.

The words “Never Forget” were imprinted along the photograph as the President and First Lady looked out over a foggy landscape.

Instead of appreciating the photo for what it was, many noticed the stitching on Melania’s coat appeared to resemble a plane flying into a tower.

“Is…is that a plane crashing into one of the twin towers in the back of Melania’s coat?!?” one Twitter user asked.

Another person pointed out the resemblance to the Washington Monument: “I’m sure I’m not the first one to spot this but who in the world thought it was a good idea for Melania to wear this coat in the 9/11 photo. It legit looks like an object is flying into a tower or the Washington Monument.”

Others tried to defend the First Lady, merely pointing out the fashion mix-up as a button on the flap of the coat.

“Melania‘s jacket has the Washington monument stitching with a button flap on lower back. Very cool coat,” one person wrote.

The White House is not allowing the trolls to ruin the deeply emotional moment the picture was trying to convey, calling the notion “ridiculous” that Melania would wear a coat depicting the 9/11 tragedy.

Later in the day, Melania and President Trump participated in a 9/11 memorial ceremony at the White House and the Pentagon, under sunny skies.

The first lady opted for a Ralph Lauren dress, and decided to leave the coat at home.

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