Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Mortal Engines Hand Cannon!

Adam has just returned from New Zealand, where he met with some of the prop makers for the upcoming film Mortal Engines. Using their designs, Adam makes a replica of the character Anna Fang’s striking sidearm, showing paint and weathering techniques to make this piece look at home in the movie’s striking world!… Continues

What is quantum weapon MEDUSA in Mortal Engines?

What is the purple light in Mortal Engines? It is MEDUSA. What is MEDUSA? It is a quantum weapon. What is a quantum weapon? It is time to find out for yourself.

In the movie Mortal Engines, MEDUSA, a superweapon from the Sixty Minute War, was rebuilt and fired by London, almost tearing down the Shield Wall of the Anti-Traction League.… Continues