These are the 9 nuclear-armed countries and the 31 allies they’ve vowed to defend

By Alexandra Ma | Business Insider

Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • There are an estimated 13,885 nuclear weapons in the world, either stockpiled or retired.
  • Last year, there were 14,465 weapons, but some 600 were retired or decommissioned in the last 12 months.

Cthulhu Carafe of Cthulhu Designer Series Tiki Mug


Cthulhu Carafe of Cthulhu Designer Series Tiki Mug:

This mug features a white glaze with a wiped teal finish

Bring cosmic horror to your craft cocktails with everyone’s favorite Old One, Cthulhu! The first in our series of mugs collaborating with our favorite artists, the Carafe of Cthulhu tiki mug was designed by renowned comic & concept artist William Stout.… Continues

Google’s new community guidelines tell employees not to talk politics on internal forums or bad mouth projects without ‘good information’ (GOOG, GOOGL)

By Nick Bastone | Business Insider

Sundar Pichai

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • On Friday, Google unveiled its latest set of community guidelines for employee communication on internal message boards in an attempt to restore order within the walls of the Silicon Valley giant.