Is Manila Worth American Lives?

The Philippines might be a nice place to visit. But it isn’t a nation whose security America should guarantee.

by Doug Bandow | The National Interest

Washington policymakers treat allies like Facebook friends, the more the merrier. Montenegro or the United Kingdom, allies are viewed as much the same.… Read the full article.

Down by the Riverside – as performed by the Oliver Nelson Big Band | Wheaton College Jazz Ensemble

Down by the Riverside – as performed by the Oliver Nelson Big Band

Featuring Caleb Ballard, guitar; Nate Schatz, trumpet; Rylee Norris & Ryan Dailey, trombones

Conducted by Ryan Dailey, 2018 Honors Conductor

Wheaton College Jazz Ensemble

Katie Ernst, director

Spring Jazz Concert (4/26/2018) … Read the full article.

France’s Rafales F4.2s Are Stealthy, but Still No Match for the F-35

Here’s why.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

These give the Rafale an estimated Radar Cross Section (RCS) of slightly above one square meters—comparable to peers like the Super Hornet and Typhoon, but orders of magnitude greater than that of the F-35 jet. 

In January 2019, French Defense Minister Florence Parly announced France would commit $2.3 billion to develop an F4 generation of the Dassault Rafale twin-engine multirole fighter.… Read the full article.

I Went to a Socialism Conference: 6 Wild Things I Learned

Why? Because socialism is having its moment on the left.

by Jarrett Stepman | The National Interest

While the panelists and attendees were certainly radical, and often expressed contempt for the Democratic Party establishment, it was nevertheless clear how seamlessly they blended traditional Marxist thought with the agenda of what’s becoming the mainstream left.Read the full article.

HOA tells veteran’s widow American flag has to go. It doesn’t fit neighborhood’s ‘look.’

By Laurie Roberts | USA TODAY Opinion

To look at her, Donna Cordero doesn’t look like much of a rebel.

She’s 5-foot-nothing, an 82-year-old grandmother and a great-grandmother six times over. She’s also a proud American.

One who can’t understand her homeowners association’s objection to her American flag.… Read the full article.