Trump takes back seat as China bristles over Hong Kong unrest


“All consequences are at your own risk,” a soldier yells into a loudspeaker at the start of the drill in Cantonese, the language spoken in Hong Kong rather than the Mandarin of mainland China (AFP Photo/Handout)

Hong Kong (AFP) – US President Donald Trump said Thursday he would be taking a hands-off approach towards unrest in Hong Kong as China flexed its military muscle in a sign of growing frustration over weeks of pro-democracy rallies in the former British colony.… Continues

Can Kazakhstan be America’s New Partner in Central Asia?

American policymakers need to be cautious on how they approach the various reforms in Kazakhstan.

by Luke Coffey | The National Interest

Change has come to Kazakhstan, at last.

The former Soviet republic’s first president, seventy-nine-year-old Nursultan Nazarbayev, stepped down in March after nearly thirty years in power.… Continues

China’s Army Signals It May Move Against Hong Kong Protests

By Brendon Hong | The Daily Beast


HONG KONG—China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army, is ready to sow fear. 

Late on Wednesday evening, it released a video featuring armored vehicles and tanks, as well as the Chinese Communist Party’s troops performing a drill to crack down on protesters.… Continues