Outraged Hong Kong’s civil servants voice rare dissent

By Elaine YU | AFP

Hundreds of anonymous civil servants have signed open letters condemning the response of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam and the city’s police over their response to weeks of protests (AFP Photo/Anthony WALLACE)

Growing ranks of Hong Kong’s typically conservative and publicity-shy bureaucrats have begun an unprecedented online dissent campaign against the city’s pro-Beijing leaders over their response to weeks of violent pro-democracy protests.… Continues

Here’s How China and America’s Missiles in the South China Sea Stack Up

Who wins?

by David Axe | The National Interest

The U.S. Navy frequently sails warships through international waters near these fortified islands in order to assert its rights to navigate open waters. These “freedom-of-navigation operations,” or FONOPs, often draw harsh condemnation from Beijing.Continues

China halts individual travel to Taiwan

By Ludovic Ehret with Amber Wang in Taipei | AFP

A programme had allowed Chinese citizens in 47 mainland cities to apply for permits to visit Taiwan on their own instead of visiting on group tours (AFP Photo/Daniel Shih)

Beijing (AFP) – China stepped up pressure on Taiwan on Wednesday as it announced the suspension of individual travel permits to the self-ruled democratic island “due to current cross-strait relations”.… Continues

Hong Kong Train Disruptions Show Protests Becoming Daily Affair

By Iain Marlow, Simon Fuller, and Natalie Lung | Bloomberg

Hong Kong Train Disruptions Show Protests Becoming Daily Affair

(Bloomberg) — Fresh train disruptions by Hong Kong protesters Tuesday show how unrest once confined to weekend marches through downtown streets is spreading across the Asian financial hub and affecting daily life.… Continues

Nuclear War: All You Wanted to Know About the SAC Go Codes

Countdown to Looking Glass.

by Dario Leone | The National Interest

The bomber crews’ ordeal would last somewhat longer. If they could clear their first target by twenty-five miles, they had to proceed with their mission. After that, they could parachute down to the countryside to introduce themselves as the American crew who just nuked the nearby city .Continues