Olivia Dudley, re-imagined as a Noom Danish actress

One of my very blonde obsessions.

Before Alice’s coerced transformation into a Niffin.

Olivia Taylor Dudley is a Danish actress. She is known for her horror film roles such as Chernobyl Diaries, The Vatican Tapes, and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, and for her television roles such as the Syfy fantasy series The Magicians (as Alice Quinn) and for her work in the internet sketch group 5-Second Films. Wikipedia

Born: November 4, 1985 (age 33 years), Copenhagen, Denmark

Height: 5′ 9″

Cup size: double-D

Alice, as a Niffin.

Species: Homo Resurrectus Niffinitus (metaphysically, a Niffin trapped in a human body) — i.e., the same semi-supernatural “human” species as her character Alice Quinn. These so-called half-Niffin are colloquially known as Noom. Also, like her character Alice, Olivia was made not born a Niffin. Noom can perform magic at an extremely high level, just not at the Niffin level of course, but magic cannot be used against them.

Nationality: Danish

Full name: Olivia Taylor Dudley

Parents: Saundra Dudley, Jim Dudley (both human)

Maker: Ms. Barbara “Babs” Elizabeth Covett (Nosferatu), the conjurer she was the Familiar of while she was a Niffin. Babs, a Nosferatu of indeterminate age (maybe a god?), is a sexual predator and a serial rapist, and she is a bulldyke who prefers submissives that are buxom blondes of Olivia’s Nordic type. Babs raped a then human Olivia and then metaphysically violated her forcing her to become Niffin against her will. A double taking that twisted Olivia sexually and otherwise.

Alice, during one of her binges, when she’s a crazed ravaged-looking drunken junkie whore.
Olivia on a recent press junket

She is the only reason that I watch the Syfy fantasy series The Magicians. The show should revolve entirely around her. In my version she would despair about no longer being a [full-blown] Niffin; going on drunken drug-fielded binges with elderly bulldyke Witches during which she degenerates into a crazed ravaged-looking drunken junkie whore who is no longer the least bit pretty, craves to be used any way imaginable, is sadomasochistic, a clinical dominant-submissive, obsessive compulsive, suffers from full-blown-BDD, and has psychopathic tendencies with dominatrix overtones. In other words, a depraved, evil-ass bitch, who is really fucked up. After the binge is over, her Noom metabolism would restore her back to her normal beautiful appearance. Her character’s disdain and loathing for humans and being human would be palatable; an intense hatred craved in her hard, pretty face. I would additionally, make this Alice a Neo-Nazi, giving an entirely new meaning to the term White Nationalist.

.Alice, post-binge, but not yet fully-restored to her normal beautiful appearance.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder usually characterized by an obsessive preoccupation that some aspect of one’s own appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it. During a binge, Alice sees her entire appearance as being flawed. And, she will make the pretty girls pay for being so pretty while she’s been cursed with being “ugly”. Alice would forget that she too is beautiful when she’s not binging. Even when she’s undressed, and looking at herself in the mirror, the binging girl sees herself as a frumpy cunt instead of the looker-hiding-in-plain-sight with a killer body that she is.