Watch an XB-70 Valkyrie Mach 3 Bomber Perform an Emergency Landing

What went down. 

by Dario Leone | The National Interest

The B-70 Valkyrie, with a planned cruise speed of Mach 3 and operating altitude of 70,000 feet, was to be the ultimate high-altitude, high-speed manned strategic bomber. Events, however, would cause it to play a far different role in the history of aviation.… Read more

China Has a Master Economic Plan. Is it Better than America’s?

Let’s find out. 

by James Pethokoukis | The National Interest

Former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon told CNBC viewers back in May that China has “a master plan to become an economic hegemon.” I mean, yeah. Sure. A quarter millennium ago, China was the world’s largest economy and it is no doubt eager to regain that position if possible.… Read more