They ditched America to retire by a lake in Chile on about $3,000 a month — and rarely come back

Here’s how they did it, and what it’s really like to live abroad

By CATEY HILL, EDITOR | MarketWatch 

The Dorchaks.

The shimmering waters of a Chilean lake call to the Dorchaks these days.

The American couple — who six years ago retired to Puerto Octay, a village on Lake Llanquihue, the second largest lake in Chile — say that their lives as real-estate appraisers and investors in South Carolina used to involve a lot of running around, but those days are long gone.… Read the full article.

Iceland tops Europe as most expensive

By Jeremie RICHARD | AFP

Eating in Reykjavik will set you back handsomely as tourists quickly find out (AFP Photo/Halldor KOLBEINS)

Reykjavik (AFP) – The hot springs of Iceland are not the only thing making tourists sweat, as a look at the hotel or lunch bill will tell you that most things cost more, sometimes much more, than anywhere else in Europe.… Read the full article.

“We Can Stop All of You:” Air Force Warns that They Are Ready to Protect Area 51

By force? 

by Dario Leone | The National Interest

It started as a bit of a joke, but now the US Air Force (USAF) has told people not to go near Area 51.

As we have reported last week more than a million people have RSVP’d to an event on Facebook, planning a raid on Area 51 in southern Nevada to “see them aliens.”

The event, titled, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” would see a group of alien hunters meeting at 3 a.m.… Read the full article.

Ex-NRA Ad Firm: Um, Wayne LaPierre is Lying

By (Betsy Woodruff) | The Daily Beast

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

In a new filing against the National Rifle Association, lawyers for ad agency Ackerman McQueen suggest that longtime NRA executive Wayne LaPierre is lying about a critical moment in the gun rights group’s recent leadership shake up

At issue is multi-million-dollar litigation between the NRA and its ex-ad firm.… Read the full article.