Why Do Audiophiles Hate Monster Cable?

Monster Cable was the brand that started high end audiophile cables and accessories. Over the years the brand has been plagued with problems from frivolous lawsuits to aggressive sales tactics that have tarnished the brand. This YouTube attempts to answer the question why audiophiles hate Monster Cable to give you a better perspective on the company and people’s expectations of them.… Read more

Russia Is Jamming the Air Force’s F-35s and F-22s near Iran

Why is Moscow helping Tehran?

by David Axe | The National Interest

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations and Israeli Airports Authority in late June 2019 announced that many flights lost the GPS satellite signal while flying into or out of Ben Gurion International in Israel, Breaking Defense reported.Read more

Getting back my Vinyl Sound with a Pro-Ject Tube Box S Phono Preamplifier

This video isn’t just a simple review of the Tube Box S – It’s more to do with watching me go through a process of elimination, trying to find out why my vinyl didn’t sound like vinyl anymore before finally making things right again by dropping £300 on a Phono Pre-Amp.… Read more

Loudspeaker Myths: Separating the Scientific Facts from Science Fiction

Just like we’ve found with speaker cables and audio interconnects (http://www.audioholics.com/gadget-rev…), snake oil and gimmicks are also alive and well in the world of loudspeakers. With over 400 loudspeaker brands in the consumer market competing for a very small piece of action, it’s no wonder manufacturers feel the need to differentiate themselves and often use Ivory Tower tactics and pseudoscience to proclaim product superiority.… Read more

Want to Be A Chinese Army General? Pay in Cash.

This can’t be good at all.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

When dozens of senior officers are punished for bribing their way into promotions, you know that the Chinese military has a corruption problem.

More than 70 serving and retired senior People’s Liberation Army officers have been demoted for pay-for-promotion, according to the South China Morning Post.… Read more