We Now Know Why Russia Never Got Around to Building a Ton of Aircraft Carriers


by Robert Farley | The National Interest

The Soviet Union made several efforts at developing aircraft carriers early in its history, but a lack of resources, combined with a geography that emphasized the importance of land power, made serious investment impossible.Read the full article.

Expensive Audiophile Cables Really Do Sound Better!

I’ve been running Audioholics for 20 years and I have a confession to make. Expensive audiophile cables do sound better! My recent research has uncovered that the more you spend on your cables, the better they sound. The theories exotic cable sellers preach appear to be accurate after all….or is it all in the mind/eye of the beholder?… Read the full article.

I never have to charge this wireless mouse — it’s my favorite computer accessory ever

By Dave Smith | Business Insider

logitech powerplay wireless charging mouse mat


  • Logitech has perfected the computer mouse with the G903 Lightspeed wireless mouse.
  • It’s beautiful, fast, and highly customizable.
  • Its best feature happens when you pair it with Logitech’s G Play wireless charging mat: You’ll never have to recharge the mouse, ever.
Read the full article.

Can expensive audio cables improve the sound of a hi-fi?

Sure, the naysayers “know” cables don’t make a difference, but what if you could prove them wrong?


Some audiophiles swear that cables can make or break the sound of their hi-fis, while others poo-poo the idea and use the cheapest hardware store wires.… Read the full article.

How America’s 30th Infantry Division Laid Waste to Nazi Panzers at Mortain

A great battle.

by Warfare History Network | The National Interest

When American relief troops reached the area seven days later they discovered a panzer graveyard. 

A Column of German Mark V Panther tanks advanced through a thick fog north of the French town of Mortain, blindly firing their machine guns.… Read the full article.