We Now Know Why Russia Never Got Around to Building a Ton of Aircraft Carriers


by Robert Farley | The National Interest

The Soviet Union made several efforts at developing aircraft carriers early in its history, but a lack of resources, combined with a geography that emphasized the importance of land power, made serious investment impossible.Continues

Dead Battleship: Russia’s Su-57 Is a Deadly Warship Killer

Or so they claim.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

The Su-57 is Russia’s equivalent of the U.S. F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters.

Russia is designing an anti-ship missile for its Su-57 stealth fighter.

But is hunting ships the best mission for such an advanced aircraft?… Continues

I never have to charge this wireless mouse — it’s my favorite computer accessory ever

By Dave Smith | Business Insider

logitech powerplay wireless charging mouse mat


  • Logitech has perfected the computer mouse with the G903 Lightspeed wireless mouse.
  • It’s beautiful, fast, and highly customizable.
  • Its best feature happens when you pair it with Logitech’s G Play wireless charging mat: You’ll never have to recharge the mouse, ever.

How America’s 30th Infantry Division Laid Waste to Nazi Panzers at Mortain

A great battle.

by Warfare History Network | The National Interest

When American relief troops reached the area seven days later they discovered a panzer graveyard. 

A Column of German Mark V Panther tanks advanced through a thick fog north of the French town of Mortain, blindly firing their machine guns.… Continues