Nothing more hideous or embarrassing than a naked wall!

Cover Painting from “Dragon Tails Volume Three” by Pelaez

Here at SQP Art Books, “art” is our middle name (literally!) We love it, we live it, we celebrate its very existence! We want to spread the love, and turn everyone’s personal space into a fantasy gallery of original illustrations and paintings – which is why we offer a massive selection of such pieces for purchase. Take a walk through our virtual gallery to see what sort of collectible bit of imagination you’d like to have in your own home and/or office.
Food, water, shelter – these a transitory items with a limited shelf-life – art is FOREVER! Grab yourself a bit of immortality (and spice up your personal space!)

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SQP Art Books has a massive selection of books for the fan of fantasy, erotic, and pin-up illustration, and our website is loaded with examples of such fine fare.

Check out all the books and original artwork available for sale at our website – www.sqpartbooks.com

Artwork from “Demon Baby Portfolio” by Fastner & Larson

Artwork from “Petz Set 1 Portfolio” by Fastner & Larson

Artwork by
Cesar Britez

Artwork from “Coven Volume 1”
by Blas Gallego

Artwork from “Bound to Please”
by J.L. Czerniawski

Artwork from “Conan the Cruel”
by Arantza Sestayo

Artwork from “Crimson Embrace Volume 5” by Mitch Byrd

Artwork from “Daughters of Darkness Volume 1” by Roca

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