Why America Fears (And Would Try to Kill) Iran’s F-14 Tomcats In a War

“The U.S. Navy retired its last Tomcat in 2006. But with its long range and powerful radar, the F-14 remains one of the world’s most capable fighters. For that reason, the Americans for many years have been trying to ground the Ayatollah’s F-14s.”

by David Axe | The National Interest

Tensions have escalated in the Persian Gulf region in the aftermath of U.S.… Read the full article.

The moon in 2069: Top space scientists share their visions for lunar lifestyles

By Alan Boyle | GeekWire

The European Space Agency’s vision for lunar settlement includes habitats shielded by piled-up moon dirt. (ESA / Foster + Partners Illustration)

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Fifty years ago this month, NASA’s Apollo 11 mission transformed the idea of putting people on the moon from science fiction to historical fact.… Read the full article.

Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath: How to Spot the Differences

Narcissist, psychopath, or sociopath? Here’s how to spot the differences. Watch exclusive original content with Dr. Ramani HERE: http://bit.ly/2mBZwlj

What is the difference between a sociopath, a psychopath, and a narcissist? Here to tell us is leading psychologist and author of “Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving a Narcissistic Relationship” Dr.… Read the full article.

Iran Under Pressure: Why America’s Sanctions Strategy Will Work

Tehran has been signaling through its behavior over the past year that it does not want to leave the JCPOA because any other option will be worse from its point of view.

by Emily B. Landau | The National Interest

Iran announced on July 1 that it had crossed the threshold of a three-hundred-kilogram stockpile of low enriched uranium that it is allowed under the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed later in the afternoon that this was indeed the situation.… Read the full article.

Democrats’ Leftward Turn Was a Reaction to Hillary Clinton

She’ll never be president, but she’s made history nonetheless.

By JONAH GOLDBERG | National Review

Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters following the 2016 presidential election in Manhattan, November 9, 2016. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

The consensus view on the right is that Hillary Clinton was a primary reason for Donald Trump’s success in 2016.… Read the full article.