What Was That Secret Russian Sub Doing Before It Caught Fire?

Fourteen people, including “an extraordinary crew of top elite captains,” were killed on board Losharik, which may be able to dive as deep as 20,000 feet.

By David Axe, Anna Nemtsova | Daily Beast 

A photo that is alleged to be of a stealthy, advanced Russian spy submarine known as “Losharik.”

Protesters ransack Hong Kong parliament on China handover anniversary

By Jerome TAYLOR, Elaine YU | AFP

The Hong Kong emblem was spray painted with black ink by protesters inside the chamber (AFP Photo/Anthony WALLACE)

Hundreds of protesters stormed Hong Kong’s parliament late Monday as the territory marked its China handover anniversary, ransacking the building and daubing its walls with graffiti as police warned they were poised to use “appropriate force” to clear the area.… Continues

Russia Just Showed Off Its Armata Super Tank and S-350 Air Force Killer Weapon

All at one arms show. 

by Mark Episkopos | The National Interest

The International Military-Technical Forum– better known as “ARMY”– is Russia’s flagship annual defense exposition. With over half a million visitors 1,200 exhibitors, and 65 foreign delegations, ARMY 2019 is among the most ambitious shows of its kind.… Continues