Amazon shoppers say this sunscreen is ‘a real game-changer’ and ‘worth every penny’ — here’s what a dermatologist thinks

By Adrianna Barrionuevo | Yahoo Lifestyle

Dermatologist​s​ agree that wearing sunscreen every single day is non-negotiable​, and this hydrating, lightweight formula is a true standout among the rest. (Photo: Amazon, Yahoo Lifestyle)

Now and then, we come across splurge-worthy skin care essential​s​, and this sunscreen is one of them.… Read the full article.

Hong Kong’s ‘leaderless’ protesters mull next move

By Elaine Yu and Jacques Clement | AFP

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong poses during an interview with AFP outside the government headquarters (AFP Photo/Anthony WALLACE)

Hong Kong’s “leaderless” demonstrations brought millions of people onto the streets and forced the city’s pro-Beijing leadership into a rare climbdown.… Read the full article.

Apple Is Playing Chicken With China. Will Beijing Flinch?

By Danny Vena | The Motley Fool

Many companies have suffered in the ongoing trade war between Washington and Beijing, but Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)has arguably been among the hardest hit. After becoming the first U.S. company to surpass a $1 trillion market cap and hitting all-time stock price highs in October 2018, Apple stock had lost about one-third of its value by January 2019.… Read the full article.