China Worships at the Altar of Stealth (As in Fighters and Mega Bombers)

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by David Axe | The National Interest

If there’s one thing that might hold back the JH-XX’s development, it’s the new plane’s engine, just as problems integrating a Chinese-built engine reportedly have slowed development of the J-20 and FC-31 fighters.Read the full article.

Hong Kong protesters vow to stay on streets as Carrie Lam refuses to fully withdraw extradition bill

By Nicola Smith | The Telegraph

Pro-democracy activists Nathan Law, Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow held a press conference in Hong Kong – REUTERS

Angry Hong Kong protesters vowed on Tuesday to step up their campaign against a controversial extradition law after the city’s chief executive Carrie Lam refused to answer their calls to withdraw it and resign.… Read the full article.

College students are overestimating how much money they can make after graduation

By Aarthi Swaminathan, Finance Writer | Yahoo Finance

College students have “seriously unrealistic expectations” for their starting and mid-career salaries, according to a new report commissioned by Clever Real Estate and conducted by online polling software Pollfish.

“In particular, we labeled business students as the most ‘delusional majors’ because they overestimate how much they’ll be making out of college by $14,585 and how much they’ll make 10 years into their career by $47,070,” Tommy O’Shaughnessy, head of research at Clever Real Estate Analyst and the author of the report, told Yahoo Finance.… Read the full article.