They paid what??: $805,000 home in posh Toronto ‘hood is downright scary inside

392 Summerhill Ave.
Welcome home! (Zoocasa)

By Jeff Lagerquist | Yahoo Finance Canada

Rosedale is one of Toronto’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, with a reputation for well-heeled, “old money” residents living in suitably opulent homes.

While 392 Summerhill Ave. may have fit the bill at one point, time has not been kind.

The listing for the three bedroom, two bathroom, semi-detached residence describes the place as an “entry-level” property that has been in the same family for more than 60 years.

Photos of the interior reveal things are pretty rustic. Peeling paint, ruined floors and a generally spooky vibe suggest the place will need plenty of work. There’s also a port-o-potty in the backyard. Unclear what that suggests about the state of the plumbing.

The house sold for $805,000, $6,000 above the $799,000 asking price.

Let me know in the comments below if you think the price for this house is fair.

392 Summerhill Ave.
Is that a heater or fan on the floor? (Zoocasa)
392 Summerhill Ave.
A rummage sale of nightmares. (Zoocasa)
392 Summerhill Ave.
No heated towel rack? I thought this was Rosedale. (Zoocasa)
392 Summerhill Ave.
The basement is a bit rustic. (Zoocasa)
392 Summerhill Ave.
Maybe you can convert this port-o-potty into a garden shed. (Zoocasa)

(Images courtesy Zoocasa)

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