Why Is Russia Turning Its Su-57 Stealth Fighter Into A Ship-Killer?

We can tell you.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Russia is designing an anti-ship missile for its Su-57 stealth fighter.

But is hunting ships the best mission for such an advanced aircraft?

Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko made the announcement while visiting the Detal Design Bureau, which is developing a new anti-ship missile, according to Russian news agency TASS.… Read the full article.

Report: China Is Willing to Do Whatever It Can to Surpass the U.S. Military

How should Washington respond? 

by WarIsBoring | The National Interest


The Chinese military is reportedly close to achieving technological parity with the United States, just one step in China’s plan to achieve global dominance.

According to a report by former deputy defense secretary Robert Work, the Chinese are looking to surpass the United States and keep them trailing behind at all costs.… Read the full article.

Salesforce is officially making Seattle its second HQ after its Tableau acquisition

By Ingrid Lunden@ingridlunden | TC

Seattle’s Space Needle and the downtown skyline.

Here’s an interesting by-product of the news today that Salesforce  would be acquiring Tableau for $15.7 billion: the company is going to make Seattle, Wash. (home of Tableau)  the official second headquarters of San Francisco-based Salesforce, putting the company directly in the face of tech giants and Salesforce frenemies Microsoft and Amazon.… Read the full article.