BoostedGT and Kayla’s NEW CARS – Revealed!

Street Outlaws Come Racing in…IOWA? Our local track has seen the likes of many hardcore racers along side many FAST cars, but BoostedGT and Kayla from Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” was a first this weekend! Neither of them have ever been to Iowa before, which unfortunately greeted them with cold dreary weather that made for some interesting traction battling runs!… Read the full article.

What’s the Difference Between Retirement in Canada and America?


Retirement in Canada vs. America: An Overview

American and Canadian governments provide many of the same types of services to those planning for retirement and those who have retired. Overall, however, Canadian retirees find life after work to be much less stressful, as fears of running out of money are not as prevalent as they are in the U.S.—fears which drive American retirees tend to find ways supplement their retirement incomes.… Read the full article.

Trump’s attacks on Sadiq Khan ‘act as nod to extremist followers’ as London mayor receives death threats

By Lizzie Dearden / The Independent

Donald Trump’s attack on Sadiq Khan is the latest in a long line of statements reflecting the far-right’s “obsession” with the London mayor, experts have said.

Shortly before the US president landed for the start of his state visit to the UK, helaunched a Twitter tirade accusing the London mayor of doing a “terrible job” and being a “stone cold loser who should focus on crime”.… Read the full article.