U.S. suspension of trade program with India ‘a done deal’ – U.S. official

By Lesley Wroughton / Reuters

Man holds the flags while people take part in the 35th India Day Parade in New York

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The suspension of a U.S. trade preference programme with India is a “done deal,” a senior State Department official said on Thursday as Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his second term.… Continues

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Can Turn Into Beast Mode (Armed with Hypersonic Missiles)

Thanks to Lockheed Martin. 

by David Axe / The National Interest

The U.S. military could hang more weapons under the wings of its F-35 stealth fighters.

Lockheed Martin, which assembles the single-engine, radar-evading jets, in early May 2019 revealed a concept for a hypersonic surface-to-air missile that’s compatible with the U.S.… Continues

Before the Electric Car Takes Over, Someone Needs to Reinvent the Battery

Solid-state technology promises to be cheaper and charge faster than anything on the road today. But no one is close to figuring it out.

By David Stringer and Kevin Buckland / Bloomberg

To deliver an electric vehicle that’s cheaper, safer and capable of traveling 500 miles on a single charge, the auto industry needs a breakthrough in battery technology.… Continues