Jeri Southern – Lost, Lonely, and Looking For Love (From I, Mobster (1959))

A brief look at the great jazz/pop singer on stage, in a nightclub scene from this crime drama directed by Roger Corman. Alperson is also credited as the film’s “presenter,” whatever that entailed. Jeri took great care in choosing her material, and in all likelihood this song was foisted on her, hence the pain showing in her eyes here; on top of her being, from all accounts, exceedingly shy, and also “the ultimate torch singer,” as one writer neatly put it.

Two songs are credited to her, you notice. According to the JS Recordings Reference page (…) the DVD edit is severely incomplete, so perhaps Jeri’s performance of this other song is in older prints.

Oddly enough the other song, “Give Me Love” apparently shows up on a Lena Horne collection released last year:… Perhaps she covered it after this film came out, just like how Morgana King covered Lost, Lonely, and Looking For Love.