Navy Submarine Sailors Kept ‘Rape’ Lists Of Female Colleagues, Military Probe Finds

One woman told investigators the lists made “her question all males on the boat.”

The USS Florida.

By Mary Papenfuss (HuffPost)

Servicemen on the second submarine in the U.S. Navy to integrate female officers and sailors with its male crew kept ranked “rape lists” of the women, triggering fears for their safety, a military investigation found.… Continues

Wes Montgomery With The Wynton Kelly Trio: Smokin’ In Seattle: Live At The Penthouse (1966)

By C. MICHAEL BAILEY  (All About Jazz)

Wynton Kelly Trio & Wes Montgomery – Smokin’ In Seattle-Live At The Penthouse Recorded 1966 Release 2017.

In his superb contribution to Bloomsbury Press’ 33 & 1/3 series, Bitches Brew (2015), George Grella notes (emphasis mine): 

“No style of art can remain static: irrelevance is just as much a risk as the inevitable decadence that comes from a style developing to its last measure.Continues

Stealth vs. Stealth: Why Russia Might Have No Real Way to Beat America’s Best Fighters

A numbers game that Moscow can’t win.

by Robert Farley (The National Interest)

Can Russia’s aviation industry produce a sufficient number of fighters of sufficient reliability to have a significant strategic impact?

The PAK FA (now known as the Su-57) has played the bugbear for Western air forces for nearly a decade, the terrifying Russian jet that will eat F-35s for breakfast.… Continues