What is considered a “fast” street car in the 1/8th?

I went to the track last night, and saw all the street cars going at it. A lot of fun, but LOTS of turbo mustangs that did not run consistent. Fastest was a 7.57, same guy ran a 8.22 the next run, and a 7.91 the next. He was in the street class, but was running ET Drags, and was a trailered ?

My whole idea of what is fast for a street car is based on 1/4 and not 1/8, so I was confused and couldn’t figure out what was actually fast to me. 

Saw a Monte Carlo S/S with a chip and exhaust pull consistent 11’s in the 1/8 (why even try?)

No imports, but lots of 4th gens in the high 8’s and mid 9’s.

motorcycles were running low 7’s for the most part…

Anyone explain to me what a 12 second 1/4 is in 1/8 mile time? Geez

1/8 mile time multiply by 1.56 gives a very close 1/4 mile time.

That 7.57 works out to an 11.8 and the 8.22 is only a 12.8. Both would be fast for a street car but I wouldn’t consider it being a street car unless it could be daily driven on pump gas or driven across the country without the need for backup assistance.