Oscar Pettiford – Why Not? That’s What!

Oscar Pettiford’s 1960 answer tune to Miles Davis’s “So What”, which had borrowed liberally—at least in the bass introduction—from Pettiford’s “Bohemia in the Dark”.

Recorded July 5 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Bass – Oscar Pettiford

Drums – Jorn Elniff

Piano – Jan Johansson

Tenor Saxophone – Erik Nordström

Trumpet – Allan Botschinsky

Vibraphone – Louis Hjulmand … Read more

You Sunk My Carrier: How the Navy Could Sink China’s New Aircraft Carriers

That means war. Here’s how it goes down.

by James Holmes (The National Interest)

That carrier-killer imagery resonates with Western audiences comes as little surprise. It implies that Chinese rocketeers can send the pride of the U.S. Navy to the bottom from a distance, and sink U.S.Read more