Louie Bellson: Drum Course with Theory for Beginners – 1 Hour Tutorial

I dug this video out from archives of music long ago. Its a really good drum course for a beginner, someone who wants to brush up on their fundamentals, or to learn about Louie Bellson’s technique.

Luigi Paulino Alfredo Francesco Antonio Balassoni (July 6, 1924 – February 14, 2009), known by the stage name Louie Bellson (his own preferred spelling, although he is often seen in sources as Louis Bellson), was an American jazz drummer.… read the full article

U.S. Gives China a Month for Trade Deal as Talks Deadlocked

By Shawn Donnan, Jennifer Jacobs, and Ye Xie (Bloomberg)

U.S. Gives China a Month for Trade Deal as Talks Deadlocked

(Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump’s administration told China it has a month to seal a trade deal or face tariffs on all its exports to the U.S., even as both sides sought to avoid a public breakdown in negotiations despite a developing stalemate.… read the full article

Power Rangers Actor Pua Magasiva Found Dead in New Zealand at 38

Pua Magasiva is survived by his wife of over a year Lizz Sadler, as well as a daughter from a previous marriage

Pua Magasiva
Pua Magasiva/Instagram


Pua Magasiva, who has starred in several Power Rangers television series as well as New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, has died.… read the full article

D-21: This Crazy Looking Mach 3 Drone Tried to Spy on China’s Nuclear Bomb Tests

So what happened?

by David Axe (The National Interest)

The military and intelligence communities in the late 1960s hoped the D-21 would help the United States to spy on strategic targets more reliably than a satellite could do at that time, and without risking a human pilot.read the full article