America’s World War II Sherman Tank: The Best Worst Tank They Had

It got the job done.

by War Is Boring (The National Interest)

For its part, the M-4 was good in 1942, adequate in 1943 and totally outclassed by 1944. Unfortunately for American tankers, the war lasted until 1945.

American tanks in World War II were generally inferior to their German counterparts.… Read more

Russia vs. Israel: How a War in the Middle East Could Happen

A scary thought. 

by Michael Peck (The National Interest)

As the IDF official said, “We have proven over more than 70 years as a sovereign state that you don’t push us around.”

Could Israeli air strikes in Syria trigger war between Israel and Russia?… Read more

What Do These Close-Up Pictures of China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Tell Us?

Have a look. 

by Task and Purpose (The National Interest)

Although the J-20 has been pushed into service, recent problems with the J-15 carrier-based fighter suggest that the Chinese answer to the F-22 isn’t quite ready for prime-time despite propaganda from Chinese-owned media outlets that portray the J-20 as a fully-armed and operational battle station.Read more