Street Outlaws Kayla Morton takes on Birdman

Street Outlaws Kayla Morton takes on Birdman and many other heavy hitters in the No Prep world. Such as Megalondon, Chuck Seitsinger, and Shake N Bake.

Kayla Morton was on a few episodes of the Street Outlaws show and is now involved in the No Prep Kings show that races the Street Outlaws cars on a No Prep drag strip for a $40,000 prize at each race.… Read Full Article

I Waged a Massive Israel vs. Syria Tank War Simulation

And it was brutal.

by War Is Boring (The National Interest)

The odds were staggering. Just 177 Israeli tanks facing horde of 1,400 tanks of the Syrian army. Just 200 Israeli infantry facing 40,000 Syrians.

(This article by Michael Peck originally appeared at War is Boring in 2013.)

Even 40 years after the fact, the Israeli defense of the Golan Heights in October 1973 remains an epic tale of bravery and self-sacrifice as David’s tanks fired like madmen at the waves of armored Goliaths rolling relentlessly toward them.… Read Full Article

A blast IN the past! Photographer edits herself into images of historical figures to show what it might be like to snap a selfie with the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Albert Einstein

  • Hungarian artist and photographer Flóra Borsi released a photo series in April entitled Selfie 
  • The photo series fits Borsi into historical pictures so she can take a ‘selfie’ with notable figures from history
  • Borsi first Photoshopped herself into an image with Albert Einstein before expanding the series 
  • This image inspired the rest of the series where she ‘posed’ with Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Gandhi and John Lennon for the photographs
  • After taking the pictures, Borsi then spent two to three days editing herself into the original photograph


A visual artist and photographer has imagined what it would be like to take selfies with historical figures in today’s society by cleverly editing herself into images of the biggest stars from days gone by.… Read Full Article

Dodge Challenger: Car of the Future

Entering its 12th year in production, Dodge’s retro pony points the way to tomorrow.

By John Pearley Huffman (Car and Driver)

Remember 2008? Of course you do; it was memorably awful. The economy was in meltdown, banks collapsed, home values dive bombed, and the few consumers whose confidence wasn’t shaken were those whose confidence was shattered.… Read Full Article