North Korea vs. the F-35 Stealth Fighter (Who Wins? Who Dies?)

We have some ideas on this. 

by Charlie Gao (The National Interest)

Alternatively, the F-35A might be assigned to dangerous suppression or destruction of enemy air defenses (SEAD/DEAD) missions. The stealth and onboard jamming capabilities of the F-35 would make it more survivable than the ROKAF’s 4th generation aircraft in such a the full article

Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito ascends Chrysanthemum Throne

The 59-year-old takes over from his father Akihito who abdicated a day earlier after a reign lasting three decades.

By Aljazeera

Naruhito faces the delicate balancing act of continuing his father’s legacy of bringing the monarchy closer to the people while upholding the centuries-old traditions of the Chrysanthemum Throne.
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