Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — How to create an image that ROCKS

As I wrote last week, success is all about PIE … Performance, Image, and Exposure. And as I tell all my clients, “Performance is the foundation for success.”

But PERFORMANCE, in and of itself, is seldom enough to guarantee success. We all know good, productive, hard-working people who never seem to go very far in their jobs, their careers, or their businesses.… Continues

Check Out These Dangerous Looking Chinese Assault Rifles (There’s A Problem)

Too big, too bulky.

by War Is Boring (The National Interest)

To hear Chinese state media tell it, the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army will go into battle in the future wearing an array of high-tech gizmos. In their hands will be enormous weapons combining a rifle with a 20-millimeter grenade launcher akin to the old — and cancelled — American OICW.… Continues

The F-22 Raptor Is So Dangerous It Has No Real Enemy To Fight

Would anyone ever really have missed the F-22 if it had not existed? In an important sense, the answer is “no,” at least thus far. The F-22 has enjoyed the unusual distinction of holding an almost universally acknowledged dominance in the core air superiority mission for over a decade, and yet has not participated in a consequential way in any military conflict.


Here’s What Happens After Russia or China Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

This means war? 

by Robert Farley (The National Interest)

An attack that sank a carrier with significant casualties, on the other hand, might well result in demands for vengeance, the specific circumstances of the attack notwithstanding. This could put U.S.Continues