Trump sours on Mueller report after initial upbeat view

BY JILL COLVIN (Associated Press)

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is lashing out at current and former aides who cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, insisting the deeply unflattering picture they painted of him and the White House was “total bullshit.”

In a series of angry tweets from Palm Beach, Florida, Trump laced into those who, under oath, had shared with Mueller their accounts of how Trump tried numerous times to squash or influence the investigation and portrayed the White House as infected by a culture of lies, deceit and deception.… read the full article

5 Greatest Cadillacs Ever Produced

There have been so many notable Cadillac models produced since Cadillac’s inception in 1902. In fact there are so many of these different legendary Cadillac cars that they are all too numerous to name. However there are those Cadillac car models that standout among the best, this video showcases the five Cadillac cars that more than any of the other Cadillac cars helped Cadillac build it’s great reputation.… read the full article

Anderson Cooper Challenges White House Spokesman To Have The ‘Guts’ To Admit His Boss Lies

By Mary Papenfuss (HuffPost)

An increasingly frustrated Anderson Cooper contradicted White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley’s false statements at least 12 times in an eight-minute interview about the Mueller report Thursday.

Cooper kicked things off by asking Gidley why Donald Trump and his allies claimed the president was exonerated of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report, which was “literally the opposite of what Robert Mueller decided.”

Gidley said that Mueller had determined there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 U.S.… read the full article

Galaxy Fold units keep mysteriously breaking, while the iPhone XS survives a shark bite

By Andy Meek @aemeek (BGR)

If you’ve paid attention to tech industry news to any degree over the past day or two, you’re no doubt aware that Samsung is dealing with a bit of unpleasant scrutiny at the moment over reports of early units of its forthcoming Galaxy Fold phone mysteriously breaking.… read the full article

Would China Really Invade Taiwan?

And the answer is…

by Ian Easton (The National Interest)

Given the gravity of the threat facing Taiwan, it is important that the international community understands China’s intentions and plans. Americans need to understand why their country might one day find itself locked in deadly embrace with China over this island nation, and allies need to know what parts they might be asked to the full article