Things that go bump in the night

Long, silky, yellow-blonde hair, let down into dead straight hair leftside parted—tote glatte haare linksseitig geteilt—that severe dowdy hairdo—i.e., a nielsen. Eyeglasses and Parts, more often than not. The nielsen, by its lonesome, turns her Alice Crabtree into a Kirstjen Nielsen.… Read Full Article

Tank Terror: Why the U.S. Army’s ‘New’ M1 Abrams Tank Is A Monster on the Battlefield

Russia and China won’t like this one bit. 

by Kris Osborn (The National Interest)

(Washington, D.C.) Should a mechanized column of heavily armored Russian vehicles launch an aggressive, forward-leaning assault into Eastern Europe 10 years from now, complete with air and artillery support – – just what kinds of specific armored vehicles would best position a US/NATO response?… Read Full Article